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Not really… :-/ haven’t been posting in quite a while. If there’s anyone who’s interested in taking over, shoot me a message.


Sorry for my late reply!

When I was in high school, we used the Penguin History of Latin America for our Latin American History Class, which was a pretty easy and good introduction. I’d recommend that for a start, and then once you have a good knowledge of the basics, I think Open Veins of Latin America is an interesting, more detailed, account of the various situations and problems with Latin America and its relations with the US and Europe. 


At the Greek Communist Youth (KNE) Festival in Thessaloniki.

THESSALONIKI, GREECE - A taste of Cuba and Che Guevara took the visitors of the 38th Communist Youth of Greece Festival “ΚΝΕ-Odigitis” which takes place these days in Thessaloniki. In a special stand, with the Cuban and Greek flags waving, the Greco-Cuban Association of…